Top Ten Rarest Precious Stones in the World

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Man decided early that some stones were more valuable than most. Naturally, they thought that the rarest to find should be more precious than the ones that you can just pick up anywhere. The following are the world’s most expensive gems.

1. Jadeite

This extremely rare grayish or white mineral has been found only in Guatemala, California and Mexico. In November 1997, Christie’s Hong Kong sold the “Doubly Fortunate” jadeite necklace of 27 about .5 millimeter jadeite beads for .3 million

2. Red Diamonds

This rare “red” gem actually comes in purplish red, vermilion, crimson, and scarlet. In Australia the Argyle Mine comes up with a few red diamonds.

3. Serendibite

Cyan in color, this gem is found in Sri Lanka. Its complex formula consists of aluminum, boron, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, and silicon. Only three cut specimens are known to exist in 0.35 carats, 0.55 carats and 0.56 carats.

4. Blue Garnet

Again, the name of this gem is a misnomer because it also exists in the colors black, brown, red, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and can even be colorless. The rarest though is the blue garnet which was found in the late ‘90s in Bekily, Madagascar. It is can also be found in Russia, Turkey, and the United States.

5. Painite

Was thought to be the rarest mineral because for years only three of the mineral were known to exist. First discovered in Myanmar in the ‘50s. Named after British minearologist C. D. Pain.

6. Grandidierite

Mainly found in Madagascar. Named in honor of French explorer Alfred Grandidier who found it in Madagascar. He also discovered the bones of the extinct half-ton elephant bird on the same African island.

7. Musgravite

Its named is derived from a place called Musgrave in Australia where it was first discovered. Later this mineral was also found in Madagascar and Greenland.

8. Red Beryl Emerald

Usually found Utah’s Thomas Range and Wah Wah Mountains. It reportedly was also found in Mexico.

9. Black Opal

All but five percent of fine black opal is mined in Australia. Brazil, Ethiopia, Mali, Mexico, Idaho and Nevada in the United States mine the rest of the world’s supply. Black Opal has a dark gray body that gives out a brilliant play of colors.

10. Jeremejevite

Comes in colors of sky blue, pale yellow or no colors at all. Named after the Russian mineralogist Pavel Jeremejev who found it in 1883. The best jeremejevite is mined in Namibia.

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