The 10 Greatest Upskirt Moments In TV History

Tuesday March 23, 2010 | 4:55 AM words: 334

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The 10 Greatest Upskirt Moments In TV HistoryWhen a woman appears on a TV show and wears a skirt of any kind, the first thing she does once she sits down is cross her legs, look for the camera locations and pull her skirt down as far as possible to ensure that nothing is showing. And from that point forward, any uncrossing of her legs is a major risk. Having a TV upskirt moment is kind of like getting caught eating a KFC Famous Bowl in the shower. It's something people never forget.

#10 Emma Watson Has An Upskirt Accident On Letterman - Just one of the reasons Emma is the sexiest nerd of the 21st century. Wait, it is the 21st century, right?


#9 Rihanna Has A Reverse Upskirt Accident At An Awards Show - I don't know why, but watching this video made me hungry for some hot cross buns.


#8 Elizabeth Hasselbeck Gives Us A Sneak Peek On The View - And I think we should all take this moment to pray to the god of upskirts that the other ladies on The View never, ever, ever, ever, ever have an upskirt moment too.



 #7 Mariah Carey Has An Upskirt Accident On The Today Show - And that's what I call a "vision of love."


#6 Jessica Simpson Has A Sleepover Upskirt On That 70's Show -
I mean, would it have killed the director to have a Mila Kunis upskirt too? I'm just saying.

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