Greatest Moments In Hollywood Celebrity Boob Grabbing History

Thursday February 11, 2010 | 11:50 PM words: 425

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Tight Squeezes - The 10 Greatest Moments In Celebrity Boob Grabbing History

Greatest Moments In Hollywood Celebrity Boob Grabbing HistoryMen spend their entire lives enduring the torture of not being able to grab every single pair of boobs we see. It's a torturous existence that women will never truly understand and the laws against grabbing boobs continue to prevent the human race from evolving. A world where men greeted women by shaking their boob while they shook our manhood would be a happier place. Who knows, it might even stop global warming.

10 Katharine McPhee Proves Her Hooters Are Real On Tyra

There have been rumors swirling around Hollywood for months that Katherine's boobs actually make honking noises when they're squeezed and they also dispense ranch dressing.



9 Sandra Bullock Gets A Surprise Melon Squeezing From Jimmy Fallon

And this is the only remotely interesting thing Jimmy Fallon has done throughout his entire career



8 Evangeline Gets Her Lilly's Deflowered On Lost

Personally, I can't wait to see the series finale of Lost where they discover that the only way to reveal the secrets of the island is for Evangeline to take her top off.


7 Jon Lovitz Grabs A Jamie Lee Curtis Boobie 

You simply can't argue with the fact that Jamie has the greatest hermaphrodite rack in Hollywood history.




6 Debra Messing Gets Her Little Boobies Fluffed On Will & Grace 

 This scene should've been Debra Messing groping Megan Mullally's giant milk muffins, but this will have to do for now.




5 Pamela Anderson Gets Her Infamous Boobs Roasted By Andy Dick

 Unfortunately Andy Dick wasn't accidentally killed by a misguided scud missle after this was over.




4 Princess Leia Gets Groped By Hand Solo 

It's a shame Han Solo never learned the force because he could've taken her shirt off before he grabbed her boob.



3 Olivia Munn's Boobs Get Attacked On The Show

This also led to Olivia's now infamous nipple slip. Trust me, search that on Google and you will be treated to on of the best animated GI

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