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Vidya Balan Exposed in Transparent Bikini

Monday March 7, 2011 | 11:33 PM words: 331

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First it was Sonakshi Sinha, now its Vidya Balan. Morphed pictures of Vidya Balan in a bikini for a magazine cover has gone viral online. But is the image fake or did Vidya actually pose in the two-piece for the cover?

Sonakshi Sinha had faced a similar thing. A photo showing the newbie (Sonakshi) in a bikini on a magazine cover had floated online.

A few days ago, Vidya was shocked to learn that a morphed picture of hers in a black bikini for a magazine cover had been posted online and was doing the rounds. Initially, she thought people must be mistaking her for somebody else.

The actress is very upset and has vowed to take legal action against the prankster.

“I will be taking proper legal action against the people who are responsible for this,” she is quoted as saying.


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